We are a digital product design team

The journey of researching, uncovering insights, generating creative concepts, iteration of prototypes, and eventually concluding in one single designed solution. Beginning at the beginning with mess and uncertainty and at the end in a single point of focus: the design. This is a process that is especially close to us. We go through this every day of the work.

Product Design

Let’s solve real-people problems, and face business challenges, to make a digital product the best it can be.

Design Systems

We’re ready to create, refine or maintain your design system. We provide a component library that combines design, code, and the knowledge of how to use them.

Meet our design system

Design Engineering

Let’s fill the gap between UI Design and code engineering to increase performance and get an even better look.

We tame chaos

As a VirtusLab Digital team, we love to be inspired. The Design Squiggle by Demien Newman is a meaningful illustration of the product design process. Let’s experience this journey together.

Design Squiggle + padding
The Process of Design Squiggle by Damien Newman, thedesignsquiggle.com

Design Thinking Process

We are using the Design Thinking Process to create human–centered solutions. This approach to design focuses on the users and their needs. By defining problems, finding solutions, testing and evaluating our work we are creating products that make your brand shine.

Understand your target audience. And the best way to understand your user’s needs is to empathize with them.
Synthesize what you learned about your users in the empathize phase and define a problem to solve.
You know the problem? It is time to start generating ideas and potential solutions based on what you learned in previous stages.
Choose the best ideas and implement them. Create simpler versions of each of your potential solutions.
Put your prototype in front of real users. They will give you feedback that you will use to improve the product.