An efficient development environment helps teams create and release quality software faster

Engineers are less productive than they could be without a proper developer environment. Poor developer tooling means little time is spent on the things that matter. Made-to-measure development environments provide for frictionless efficiency and a faster time to market.

Take developer experience (DX) seriously and boost team productivity

Developers, freed from coping with an unsatisfactory environment, can use their time to add value to the project. Improve the utilisation of all components of a technology or a product stack, such as tools, libraries, SDKs, platforms, APIs, services, and code, to increase developer productivity and impact.

Be more inclusive with improved developer tooling

Poor developer tooling has a detrimental impact on diversity and inclusivity since people from underrepresented groups often have less experience and struggle more with setting up a developer environment. Flawed developer tools favour ‘tech bros’ over folks who are more business or problem-solving oriented.

Remove development obstacles and improve talent retention

Developers who work without dependable tooling are less fulfilled and motivated and may seek another project where they can focus on the task ahead without struggling with tooling. Conversely, higher satisfaction levels result in greater talent retention in your workforce.

Increased focus on what matters

Bring value to the business and users instead of wasting time maintaining the underlying technology. Technology is unquestionably required, but it is also just a means to achieve an end.

Lower barriers for new team members

A good developer experience (DX) helps junior developers quickly integrate with their team and start delivering. In addition, it builds their confidence when they see how fast they can make an impact.

Automate and win back opportunities to create value

Win back your focus on creating business value rather than manually maintaining a series of complex tools. Leverage Virtuslab’s years of expertise in creating automations to avoid human error, boost performance and increase ease of use.

Be prepared for project evolution

A solid developer experience (DX) enables teams to adapt quickly and easily, altering their solutions when client demands move and audience targeting changes.

Build up trust and confidence

When developers see their development environment supports them in avoiding high toil or high burn situations, they gain more trust in their abilities and approach new challenges with greater confidence.

The DX expertise we bring

We make sure development is frictionless, end-to-end.
The primary areas of knowledge we use to improve developer experience are…

Large monorepositories and monorepo tools
IDEs such as Intellij, PyCharm, other IDEs from JetBrains, VS Code
Cloud IDEs such as Gitpod or Github Codespaces
Remote use of IDEs: Language Server Protocol and Build Server Protocol
Java, Kotlin and Scala compilers integrations
Build tools including: Bazel, Gradle, Maven, SBT and Pants
Languages including: Kotlin, Scala and Java
Processes such as: Automated IDE testing with ide-probe, developer environment setup automation and IDE optimisation
Custom integrations with task trackers and CI services such as Github, Jira, Jenkins or BitBucket.