Dokka behind the scenes — documenting multi-module projects

Documenting a multi-module project was always tricky due to the size, complexity and interconnections within such codebases. This is especially true in the case of Dokka, a documentation engine for Kotlin, performing the same function as Javadoc for Java. With 1.4.30 we’ve rewritten the multi-module documentation, so let’s dig a little deeper into the design and the thought process behind it!

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TASTY way of (re)writing macros in Scala 3


How to simulate a supply chain model: From a simple recipe to a flow graph in the factory

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Contributing to scalafmt

Working on open-source software can be a very rewarding experience. Whether you contribute to a particular library that you use daily or just to learn something new out of plain curiosity. The scalafmt is an example of an open-source project that is very mature and well managed.

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Revisiting Scala Native performance

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Multi-Context Content Delivery – An Enterprise headless content delivery

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The future of Scaladoc

Scala 3, like all modern languages, needs a tool for generating documentation. Scaladoc, the documentation engine used with Scala 2, is stable and powerful, but it cannot be used ‘as is’ in the Scala 3 world.

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Migrating a gigantic financial system to 20,000 pods in the cloud.

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Cryptocurrencies Revisited: A Different Approach

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How to write Hoogle for Kotlin in Scala (and Scala.js)

A hoogle-like documentation search engine that runs in your browser!