Get to know better #VLteam! – The Location Team

We are starting a cycle that describes our great teams and devs standing behind them. They create & engineer the best software, helping our customers grow faster. They work hard to push the frontier of technology and improve their efficiency. They are up to date with the newest trends and are actively shaping the future of software engineering. They are ambitious, self-motivated, and are experts in their domain areas.

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CodeTale – a solution for discussing your code & browsing discourses

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Context Buddy – the tool to revolutionize devs’ workflow

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All about mountains at VirtusLab

You may wonder what is going on with this mountain’s theme at VirtusLab. Pic of mountains at the website, our gadgets, logo referring to the summit. Did we just choose random stack photos for no reason? Or maybe there is a story behind it? Well, it is. We’re revealing what is up with this mountain madness!

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In tech stack we trust!

Graph Buddy – colorful graph nodes for your code

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All you need to know about Research and Development at VirtusLab

If you want to drive growth in your company Research & Development activities are the answer. This idea is rooted in VirtusLabs’ culture, it plays an integral role in the development of our innovative products. We can proudly admit that our R&D process is not just a selling point, but a thriving initiative.

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Remote work – this is how we do it!

The recruitment process we all long for

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Metals for the Scala community

Virtuslab in cooperation with Scala Center and the Scala community is working on a unique open-source solution - Metals. It’s…
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