CodeTale – a solution for discussing your code & browsing discourses

CodeTale is our new R&D project focusing on creating a solution for discussing your code and browsing discussions from PRs directly in your IDE of choice. Think about it as a chat or documentation system tied to your code in a smart way.

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Context Buddy – the tool to revolutionize devs’ workflow

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All about mountains at VirtusLab

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In tech stack we trust!

Why tech stack is so important? Picking up the right tech stack affects the development time but also the performance,…

Graph Buddy – colorful graph nodes for your code

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All you need to know about Research and Development at VirtusLab

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Remote work – this is how we do it!

Difficult times have come for all of us in terms of the COVID-19. For security reasons, many companies (if their profile allows it) decided to completely move to remote work. Working from home minimizes the risk of catching or spreading the infection to others. The companies that always offered their employees the opportunity to work remotely were certainly better prepared for this situation.

The recruitment process we all long for

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Metals for the Scala community

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8 reasons to give working at VirtusLab a try!

Finding the work environment of your dreams in the IT industry isn’t easy, right? Switching between corporations and startups is…