Simplifying Hotel Front Desk Operations with Tetrisly

Design System

SyncDesk, a Danish company, aimed to enhance hotel front office operations by creating a user-friendly system for managing guest and hotel information. They developed a cloud-based B2B SaaS web application to boost the hotel’s competitive edge. During the MVP stage of the project, they recognised the need for usability improvements. 

Once the client reached out to VirtusLab for assistance, we improved the user interface by using a Design System named Tetrisly. We streamlined processes, cut steps and features, and made it more user-friendly. This resulted in consistent service and a better guest experience.

The challenge

Our client aimed to support hotel front desks during high guest volume, staffing challenges, and communication issues among staff members. Therefore, they created a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) called SyncDesk, designed explicitly for hotels focusing on enhancing service consistency. However, due to limited funds and a lack of expertise in creating a user-friendly solution, the client sought help from VirtusLab. They required assistance with:

  • Simplifying the UI for a cleaner look.
  • Making the application easier to navigate.
  • Focusing on essential elements and information for users.
  • Enabling interaction and communication among users.
  • Promoting collaboration and team spirit within the design.
  • Creating a versatile user interface beyond the hotel industry.
The solution

VirtusLab received wireframes and a specific brief from our client to start with. By challenging SyncDesk’s concepts, we overhauled the design and proposed crucial enhancements. During the whole process, we regularly stayed in touch to gather feedback, ensuring the industry-specific requirements were met. In the end, we:

  • Simplified shift report creation by reducing steps and simplifying features.
  • Enhanced microcopy to be friendly yet professional, enhancing intuitively and user experience.
  • Recommended a compact side panel view for shift logs instead of a full preview.
  • Introduced a new feature to convert personal notes into shift notes or logs.
The results

VirtusLab delivered dev-ready designs that are clean and user-friendly. Additionally, we provided a complete user journey with all necessary interactions and empty states. The new solution resulted in:

  • Enhanced user interaction.
  • Simplified features.
  • A cost-effective and timely solution using Tetrisly components.
  • Easy-to-use design for hotel front desk operations while maintaining adaptability for various industries.
  • A functional and aesthetically pleasing product for specific needs.
  • Smooth handoff to developers, saving time and ensuring accurate design implementation.
The tech-stack