Global Retailer – Cloud Platform

Our Client is a global grocery and general merchandise retailer that is constantly innovating and disrupting the shopping experience, whether online or in-store.

The end product is a smooth buying experience, but it requires strong technological fundamentals and the capacity to acquire and process data, provide actionable insights, and rapidly introduce innovations at scale.

Since the Client is a global grocery and general merchandise retailer, the underlying technical solution must be able to process thousands of transactions per second and support the delivery of over 1 billion items annually to support the constantly growing customer base. The sheer number of applications that are needed to handle all aspects of such a business is astounding.

Technologies we used:

  • Kubernetes / CoreOS and the ecosystem around it
  • AWS, Azure and on-premise VMware
  • Containers
  • Golang and Bash
  • Low-level OS/networking
  • …and everything that was needed (low level / high level) to make the project succeed.

The result

Our team exclusively worked on a holistic deployment platform for production and non-production environments that spans across multiple cloud providers, data centers and datastores, freeing up engineering from day 0 and day 1 type activities to deliver solutions for customers, colleagues, and suppliers, whilst still being a joy for engineers to use.

Our overarching guiding principles were to allow engineering to focus on the customer needs, secure deployment and hydrate full-stack environments. We went for hybrid infrastructure provisioning: multi-cloud data centers and stores, no vendor lock-in.

On-boarding a new project – this is an area that previously took 2-4 weeks within the organization. The client’s cloud platform helped to reduce that time to hours or even minutes.

Bartek, Head of the Team