Context Buddy to boost team efficiency

Context Buddy provides information related to code changes and integrated with it all around a common context so that the efficiency of the entire team is significantly increased.

Scala, TypeScript
Demanding code environments and usually, large codebases are all we have dealt with too often at VirtusLab, to not see the need for improvement in this area.
To solve day-to-day devs’ problems

Most developers know these two cases very well: when they are joining a new team and do not have exact knowledge of the code and what needs to be done, or when they have to work in a project with legacy code. Both cases affect the client and the team in the same way.

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Catching the context

We have knowledge about compilators, tools and also have highly skilled programmers. A unique solution created by #VLteam to save some time and improve our developers’ efficiency? We all knew it’s coming.

Context Buddy providing the context about the code focuses on making developers more productive when working with new/complicated codebases. It comes with a dedicated view where you can inspect history in more detail and understand how code changes. The project’s main objective is to expand semantic information obtained from code with actions like comments on Pull (Merge) Requests, failed/passed tests during Continuous Integration or if code was deployed with outages and problems from production servers.

The project is developed mostly in Scala with bits of TypeScript. Context Buddy is based on catching the context from other tools (e.g. IntelliJ, VS Code, compilers and build tools). The biggest challenge here is proper data extraction from many sources and proper integration around the context. Our teams work with many compilers on a daily basis, so they know what to catch, which context is important.

The result – increased efficiency

Context Buddy provides information linked with code changes and integrated all of that around the common context. As a result, developers are able to identify and fix problems easier and quicker. This also means that in many cases help from others won’t be needed, which is especially important for less experienced or/and new developers joining the team. Ultimately, the efficiency of the entire team is highly increased.

Highly expertized in tooling

Since 2010 VirtusLab’s teams have been working with many clients from various industries. We optimize the software development process and apply innovative dev tooling solutions to help companies’ developers focus on their business domain and save time. Our work resulted also in many, other than Context Buddy, open-source contributions, including Scala compiler itself, IntelliJ or Scala IDE. For sure, VL teams like challenges. Especially ones that required to look for solutions that will improve our work and increase productivity. If you want to collaborate with us, do not hesitate – we’ll definitely handle your project too!

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