CLUO – forensic analysis and brand monitoring

CLUO makes use of recent developments in Computational Linguistics, combined with a Big Data processing chain to provide an advanced OSINT solution.

It extracts information from openly available data sources such as news sites, blogs, social networks, etc and analyzes it to discover links and data correlations and retrieve meaningful content which is then subjected to multiple text-processing algorithms that extract and tag various types of information such as the sentiment of sentences or named entities. Important trends are then presented in a visually appealing report.

A world beyond content

CLUO is a solution for accessing this knowledge and much more – becoming able to analyze the data and discover previously unknown information. A variety of data sources (such as news sites, blogs, social networking services, external data, etc.) can be used to feed CLUO with data. The meaningful content is automatically retrieved and subjected to multiple text-processing algorithms which extract and tag various types of information. In effect, the system does most of the ‘hard work’ for the end user by extracting the information contained within the data. Thanks to these features, CLUO delivers the requested information on time and is able to reveal previously unknown facts and correlations.

The tool is useful for forensic analysis or brand monitoring. Occurrences of selected keywords can be analyzed over time, providing information about their popularity. The data can be searched using any of the available search constraints, such as keywords, tags, entities, data sources, publish dates, content language and overall sentiment.

Przemysław, Head of the Team