AdStream – connectivity suite for the advertising industry

Adstream is the first Connectivity Suite for the ad industry, combining collaboration tools, digital asset management, a global distribution network, and powerful analytics to provide smarter, more collaborative advertising workflows.

Brands, agencies, production and post-production teams use Adstream to create great content together, and leverage its world-class network of over 79,000 media destinations in 141 countries, to share their message with the world. Today over 100,000 businesses use Adstream to reach billions of customers globally.

We worked together with AdStream for a couple of years on three specific parts of their core business:

Traffic Management

A product that manages incoming ads in an easy way. Traffic Management aggregates incoming content, works with all media and integrates seamlessly with the workflows of any broadcaster, media agency or publisher (including TV, radio, internet, print).

Digital asset management

The product allows for gaining total visibility and control of projects. A place for production teams to organize, approve and produce content together. Digital Asset Management is a product that works perfectly alone, and even better when connected to other modules like Asset Delivery.

Asset delivery

A product that allows getting your ads to market faster with one place to send the entire campaigns — in perfect quality — to TV, digital, print, out of home and radio destinations around the world.

The technology we used:

  • Frontend parts: React & Angular
  • Backend parts: Scala / Akka / Akka Streams
  • Camel integrations
  • ActiveMQ, ElasticSearch and MongoDB
  • AWS infrastructure

The result

Our team was directly involved with core functions development in the mentioned product, migrating & refactoring large codebase from legacy systems to modern, clean architecture as well as initiating new greenfield projects, aspects in the area of company-wide CI process improvements, as well as with increased availability and fault tolerance of their key products.