VirtusLab with Microsoft Azure Partnership

VirtusLab becomes Microsoft Gold Level Partner in the Azure cloud platform and data analytics. It marks our long term commitment to helping our customers with large scale cloud transformation projects. 


VirtusLab was founded as a company that focused on application-level development more than a decade ago. This was 2010 – a full decade and roughly 250 team members ago. Both VirtusLab and the world have changed significantly since then. Most importantly it became apparent that you cannot build large-scale, resilient and elastic systems relying exclusively on the application level expertise. Deep cloud infrastructure expertise was the natural missing piece.

Since our inception, we helped customers – big and small – with holistic and effective software delivery. To do that we need to grow our expertise into other areas – like infrastructure, data engineering, data science or frontend to name a few. Specifically for many years, we were involved in initiatives of doing cloud transformations or building cloud-native systems for many customers, including the FTSE100 or Fortune 500 organizations. A significant part of these was based on the Azure cloud in recent years. 

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Today we announce VirtusLab becoming a Microsoft Gold Level Partner in the Azure ecosystem. We believe that Azure is the right option for many organizations that are on their way to cloud transformation. Our main competency is cloud platform engineering and data analytics. This signifies the beginning of our journey to formalize our experience and expertise in these functional areas. We work with big and small clients, helping them with all aspects of cloud transformation – technical, organizational and cultural. In other words – Cloud Engineering and Azure expertise are first-class citizens in VirtusLab

The partnership marks our long term commitment to help our customers with:

  • planning and executing Azure cloud transformation
  • building truly cloud-native service
  • large scale data engineering and data science projects
  • overcoming organizational & cultural challenges (training, mentoring, team incubation, designing policies and building communities within organizations).


We have helped many customers with their Azure transformation journey – from small startups to FTSE100 or Fortune 500 organizations. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you think we could help you.

Written by

Bartek Antoniak
Bartek Antoniak Head of Cloud Engineering Dec 2, 2020