Technical feedback? Yup, we got it covered

Giving interview feedback throughout the recruitment process, both good and bad, is a very important part for the candidate but also for the employer.


The power of feedback

Giving feedback simply pays off in the long run. This includes giving it to those who have been successful (which is obvious cause probably will be hired) as well as to those who have not. Why it’s crucial for the employer? Famous chief once said: “If you have a good experience in a restaurant, you tell 2 people. If you have a bad experience, you tell 10 people”. Actually, it’s the same when it comes to recruitment. According to LinkedIn’s Talent Trends report, 94% of candidates want to receive feedback after an interview. 78% of them will tell their friends or family about bad recruitment experiences. Not receiving the feedback after the interview is definitely a part of it. Candidate experience is a major factor to consider when building a competitive employer brand and it includes giving the feedback to all that participated in interviews. A good employer brand is appealing and attractive to prospective employees and also for those who failed this time but may return in the future. Delivering helpful feedback shows to the candidate that the employer values the time and energy it takes to prepare for an interview and to participate in it. In addition, the candidate gained valuable knowledge about what went well (feels appreciated) and worse (knows which areas to work on).

A special value for IT people

Reliable technical feedback is especially very important for IT specialists. It’s essential to know what are the strengths, in which fields fill some gaps. Training in technical aspects is not difficult and often does not require prolonged work. Often candidates return to the recruitment process after just half a year, because they knew precisely in which area they did worse and could focus on specific improvement.

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Technical feedback? – Yes, we got it!

At VirtusLab we know the power of solid technical feedback. Therefore, an inseparable element of our recruitment process is the specially prepared technical feedback after an on-site interview. Regardless of further decision to cooperate or not. In our feedback, we establish a goal to strive for the candidate and reasons for that. We provide a concise summary and do not leave with uncertainties. Of course, we remember that it is not a novel so we avoid blanket statements and try to keep it short but useful. At VirtusLab we do not have “the one and only way” to evaluate a candidate. A jointly created form of our feedback is rather a general pattern. Our technical recruiters are working with different technologies in various projects so we want each of them to bring something unique to the recruitment process and to the feedback as well.

In a nutshell, VL’s technical feedback:

  • contains the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses (regarding mostly technical aspects, but also some soft skills like communication methods, leadership competencies, etc.)
  • specifically indicates the areas in which it is good to fill some gaps
  • often suggests sources from which this knowledge can be derived (books, tutorials, etc.)
  • is delivered up to 14 days after the on-site interview, by phone or email (according to the candidate’s preferences)
  • can be broadly discussed if anything is unclear or you don’t agree with the final decision

We also really appreciate the feedback from candidates about how they evaluate our recruitment. Based on this, we are constantly improving this process to make it the best experience for our candidates. So we encourage you – share your opinions with us!

At VirtusLab we are aware that solid feedback streamlines the whole process, that’s why we take care of its quality. We invite you to join our recruitment and find out for yourself!

Written by

Kasia Pytko
Kasia Pytko May 6, 2020