Ready for the fall edition of ScalaCon!

Curious about what’s new in Metals and why it’s an awesome IDE for Scala 3? Join us on November 5 at ScalaCon to find out!


ScalaCon is a joint project created by Scala eXchange and Scala Days (in which we’ve been participating for years). This year the conference is divided into two editions – one have already happened in May, and the second one will take place between the 2nd and 5th of November. 

At the previous edition, our CTO – Paweł Dolega and our Head of Dev & Scala Tooling, Krzysztof Romanowski, presented the talk titled Scala’s Future As Seen By Virtuslab’s Scala 3 Team. You can watch it here:

This time, we’ll also have our representative on the conference’s agenda. Metals – Your IDE for Scala 3 is the topic that Tomasz Godzik (our Senior Scala Developer) will present on Friday, November 5 at #ScalaCon.

Tomasz is the main Metals (Scala language server with rich IDE features) maintainer and works on it in close cooperation with Scala Center. He is a Scala developer with a tooling background, trying to improve tooling for one of the largest Scala codebases in the world. 

If you’re curious about what’s new in Metals and why it’s an awesome IDE for Scala 3, you should definitely listen to Tomek’s talk!

A major part of the presentation will also show how Metals makes sure Scala tooling is friendly to newcomers and advanced users. Complex setup and tooling have always been significant obstacles in enlarging the community, but Metals tries to reduce that complexity and make Scala more approachable.

If you would like to learn more about VirtusLab’s contribution to the development of the Scala language, get to know all the Scala-related projects we’re involved in or just have a chat with our #VL team – visit our Sponsor booth space at the virtual venue!

Don’t have your ticket yet? Last chance to get them here!

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Ula Cempura
Ula Cempura Oct 28, 2021