micro.sphere.it #6 – Kotlin

Join Kotlin specialists during the sixth micro.sphere.it meeting and hear about their latest work hacks and lessons learned!


We’ve been evolving sphere.it since 2015 to provide a unique conference experience of the highest level and to make a positive impact on the tech community. In May 2020 driven by that urge, we’ve come up with the idea of creating virtual space for the sphere.it community to learn, share and connect. That’s how micro.sphere.it came to life.

Micro.sphere.it is free online sessions with multiple talks and discussion panels. Last year, we’ve managed to organise 5 online sessions with 16 top-class experts who decided to share with us their knowledge and expertise in Frontend Engineering, Kotlin, Scala, Cloud-native, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence. Worth mentioning here is an update from Webpack 5 creator Zack Jackson or the status of the forthcoming Scala 3 release directly from our Advisor, Martin Odersky. All of micro.sphere.it events left us with an incredible wealth of knowledge! If you missed any of them, they are all available on our YouTube channel, where you can go and look for inspiration and motivation.

In 2021 we are continuing our adventure with the micro.sphere.it series. This year’s first event is dedicated to all Kotlin enthusiasts, and we know there are quite a few of you here. Take a look at what we’re planning for you this February!

micro.sphere.it #6 – Kotlin

When the Cloud is becoming ubiquitous and containerization is the way to go to alleviate some of the vendor lock-in issues, what JVM developers should do next? In that context, the JVM seems to be a dead-end: its startup time is huge in comparison to a native process. Likewise, it consumes a lot of memory that just increases the monthly bill.

One noteworthy idea is to leverage our existing knowledge and embrace the Cloud and containers ways with the help of some tools.

At micro.sphere.it #6 – Kotlin Nicolas Frankel, Developer Advocate @ Hazelcast will show us a simple URL shortener with a “standard” stack: Kotlin, JAX-RS and Hazelcast. Then, with the help of Quarkus and GraalVM, he will turn this application into a native executable with all Cloud/Container related work has been moved to the build process.

  • Pragmatic App Migration to the Cloud: Quarkus, Kotlin, Hazelcast and GraalVM in action by Nicolas Frankel, Developer Advocate @ Hazelcast

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Constant browsing through the documentation by names of classes and functions can be a real headache for programmers, especially when they don’t know the function name but are convinced that there must be a function somewhere that fits a given type of transformation. In #Haskell, there is a tool called Hoogle which lets you search documentation by function signatures. But there is no such search engine for Kotlin yet.

At the micro.sphere.it event on February 10 (Wednesday) you will have the opportunity to hear about the Inkuire, a tool created for developers by developers to provide a way of searching functions and methods by given signature for #Java and #Kotlin.  Save the date and don’t miss the talk by Andrzej Ratajczak and Kacper Korban from VirtusLab.

Read more about Inkuire on our blog.

  •  Inkuire – Using types as search keys in Kotlin libraries by Andrzej Ratajczak and Kacper Korban, Junior Scala Developers @ VirtusLab

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Apart from that, as always you’re invited to join:

  • 1:1 networking opportunities, 
  • knowledge-packed q&a sessions, 
  • a discussion panel with micro.sphere.it top specialists. 

Save your spot among IT people from all around the globe and register for free now! See you there! 

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Karolina Hojka Jan 25, 2021