micro.sphere.it #3– Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Join Artificial Intelligence and Data Science specialists during the third micro.sphere.it meeting and hear about their latest work hacks and lessons learned!


Our first micro.sphere.it online session dedicated to frontend engineering, and second about Kotlin & Scala & Cloud are already behind us. It was a pleasure to meet with all of the participants and invited experts. Special thanks to them for sharing their knowledge with us!

We are not slowing down, micro.sphere.it#3 is coming, hosted online on Tuesday, July 21 at 5:30 PM!

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This time join us to hear from our top-seniority experts in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

On the agenda:

1. How to recommend a personalised product to thousands of clients starting with raw data to real-time serving by Hubert Pomorski

Hubert Pomorski is a Senior Big Data Developer at VirtusLab.

Recommending a personalised product to the client is one of the crucial challenges for multiple businesses, including the top retailer from the UK. In this talk, we will walk through the world of Hadoop to discuss challenges and tools built by Data Scientists and ML Engineers to create stable, production-grade solutions for recommendations; then we will continue to consider how different is a world of the real-time serving in web-services.

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2. Lean AI – How to Implement a Production-Ready Deep Learning Model in Twelve Weeks by Dat Tran

Dat is heading the artificial intelligence unit of Axel Springer SE, which is the largest digital publishing house in Europe.

Many data science and machine learning projects fail which then causes high risks for companies. In product development, there is a concept though called “lean startup” which is all about minimizing risks. At micro.sphere.it #3, Dat Tran will tell you how lean concepts can be used for Machine Learning projects and how both of them are actually very related to each other. He will also present a project that he & his team are currently working on where they applied those ideas – it’s a cool deep learning project!

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Don’t miss the opportunity to chat with our experts in the Discussion Panel and get to know other IT people specializing in various fields of technology during Networking.

Register for free here & see you tomorrow! 

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Karolina Hojka Jul 20, 2020