16 November 2015 / Marcin Rzeźnicki

Arrows, Monads and Kleisli – part II

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In part I I showed how Kleisli arrows could be used to implement domain modeling. Arrows serve as a foundation for a ‘DSL’ in which one can implement typical scenarios that arise in business-logic code: decoupling flow control from domain code, dealing with errors etc. Much to the spirit of Railway Oriented Programming but implemented […]

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28 October 2015 / Marcin Rzeźnicki

Arrows, Monads and Kleisli – part I

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During Scala Days Amsterdam I came across a concept of arrow. It was called a general interface to computation and it looked like a technique that could bridge code that is imperative in nature with proper functional programming. Later on I read about Railway Oriented Programming and found it really neat. I was compelled to […]

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5 May 2015 / Marcin Rzeźnicki

Path dependent types – modeling algebraic structures has never been easier


Let’s start with small refreshment of what actually the dependent typing is. Using Wikipedia as a source: In computer science and logic, a dependent type is a type that depends on a value. Neat, huh? But what does it mean in practice? If you take a look at the Wikipedia’s list of languages that implement […]

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17 April 2015 / Marcin Rzeźnicki

The world after LambdaDays and ReactDay 2015

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Attending (or, even better, organizing) a conference is one of the best opportunities to predict what the future may bring. Knowing what the future may bring is undoubtedly the most important knowledge for any enterprise – especially when you’re in IT. We recognize this at VirtusLab and we’ve always been trying to be on top […]

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