31 July 2015 / Michał Pociecha

Interview with S. Schäfer and S. Ochsenreither

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In the previous interview I was talking with Rex Kerr about his work and contribution to Scala. This time I had a pleasure of asking several questions to two well-known (in the community) Scala ecosystem contributors from Karlsruhe. Simon Ochsenreither (soc) studies computer science and works on various Scala-related things in his free time, including […]

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7 June 2015 / Michał Pociecha

Interview with Rex Kerr. The first appendix to Dick Wall’s ‘Scala needs you!’


During Scala Days in SF, Dick Wall was trying to convince people to spend their spare time helping to make Scala language, compiler and documentation even better. He focused mostly on showing the Scala’s web page and available resources which can help newcomers. Also some time ago Adriaan Moors completely redesigned readme.md on github having […]

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