23 March 2018 / Bartosz Kowalik

War of the Worlds

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Monolithic application architecture was the go to solution for many years in IT. It is very convenient because there are numerous books with answers to almost every question that pops up during the design phase. On the other hand, there is this new (well, maybe not so new, but still just entering the mainstream), emerging approach called microservices. […]

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22 April 2016 / Bartosz Kowalik

ScalaMock: macros strike back

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Introduction ScalaMock is a powerful mocking library written purely in Scala. It uses macros to create mocks. Macros and compile-time reflection allow to create type safe code or manipulate programs. It is almost mythological tool, the Holy Grail of programming languages. Almost all modern languages have it. All features of ScalaMock are listed on its […]

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16 October 2015 / Bartosz Kowalik

Vals gotcha!

Immutability in Scala is great. A lot of concerns go away when you use it, but those that remain are not so clear to reason about. Look at the code below: My question is: what is the value of expression (new Bar).b? In this post I will explain why it is neither 1 nor 2. […]

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