All about mountains at VirtusLab

You may wonder what is going on with this mountain’s theme at VirtusLab. Pic of mountains at the website, our gadgets, logo referring to the summit. Did we just choose random stack photos for no reason? Or maybe there is a story behind it? Well, it is. We’re revealing what is up with this mountain madness!


It all began with…

So it all began with a love for the mountains of our CEO – Rafał Pokrywka. Before founding VirtusLab, he loved to walk and ride a bike in the mountains. Especially in Polish ones. After establishing VL in 2010, Rafał took a shot of Tatra mountains seen from one of the peaks of Pieniny that ended up at our first company’s website. Also since then, VLteam has been liked to go on mountain trips together. With the rapid growth of the company, frequent trips are a bit less frequent, but the passion and the theme of the mountains remained.

One symbol – many messages

The characteristic logo of our company has a slightly complicated history but eventually took the form of a fancy V letter. This is not only the first letter of VL company’s name, but it also relates to the summit. What’s more, there is an additional message behind this idea – at VirtusLab we always aim higher. You can believe us that over the past 10 years we’ve put a lot of effort into reaching our smaller or larger summits – and we won’t stop! The sky is the limit 😉

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See the mountains everywhere

After the first mountain photo from Rafał, the mountainous leitmotiv had to appear also on our new website. However, we wish to use unique photos, not those from known pictures databases, which were already used by others. We also wanted pics of our Polish mountains. That’s why we chose the works of two Polish photographers – Arkadiusz Bar and Tomasz Madejski. You can see their amazing mountain photos on our main website and its subpages.

Reaching the top

“Up and reach the places out of sight!” – Adam Mickiewicz once said. Well, he was damn right. Our path in the IT world was not easy, just like mountain climbing, we had to overcome many difficulties and problems. We’re reaching the top but still choosing the next, higher ones! So far, we are proud that in 2020 we exceeded 200 employees, have offices in Kraków, Kielce, and have just settled down also in Rzeszów. We’re planning to improve our main products and come up with new ones thanks to VirtusLab’s innovative R&D center. We do not plan to slow down and content ourselves with only one peak. We are not turning into a rigid corporation, keeping what is crucial to us – a good atmosphere… and the main theme with mountains! That’s why we organize a joint mountain trip as one of our 10# birthday events.

Now you know why mountains – it’s fair to say that they are reflecting our adventure very well!

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Kasia Pytko
Kasia Pytko May 1, 2020