Kafka Summit – the results of the contest

During the Kafka Summit, at our virtual booth, we prepared a competition for conference participants. The prize for answering the competition question was a game “The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt on Steam”.


Among the sent proposals of What The Witcher®’s sword could be made of in the 21st century? after long-lasting discussions, we have chosen the winning answers:
-The sword would be SaaS (Sword as a Service) and the default tier would be:
Enchanted Cloud-Connected Quantum-Agile Diamond infused premium carbon steel Sword (RGB Edition) by Geert de Graaf”
-An arcane combination of aged kielbasa (with extra garlic) and the OED – assembled at high energies by the Gnomes of CERN.

We have already handed over the prizes to the winners. Congratulations!