8 February 2016 / Natalia Szatko

ScalaSphere DevTools Summit

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VirtusLab is a proud organizer of ScalaSphere DevTools Summit which takes place in Kraków on 11-12th Feb. This is a unique, innovative event devoted to a topic very important and pragmatic for every Company; the productivity of Scala Development Teams. During the event, we will walk through all recent achievements of Scala Development Tooling and show how they can facilitate […]

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15 March 2016 / Krzysztof Romanowski

ScalaSphere 2016 – few impressions from tooling developer

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ScalaSphere: conference focused on technical problems and solutions ScalaSphere was one-of-a-kind conference focused on Scala tooling. Those who expected presentations full of theory or maths, might feel disappointed – conference was dedicated purely to Scala tooling. “I’ve never been on such deeply technical conference” was often heard and I agree with those comments. Quo vadis, Scala tooling? […]

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