Senior Product Manager

We are looking for a Product Owner to manage complex products


  • Having ownership of a set of complex products within a portfolio
  • Defining and driving strategies for products within a portfolio
  • Representing the department for product delivery

What you will do in a typical day:

  • Provide leadership and establish great synergies across teams
  • Define the boundaries of a product portfolio with other portfolios
  • Drive a roadmap and release plans for product portfolios
  • Drive documentation about product portfolios
  • Work with engineering leaders and provide direction to cross-functional teams
  • Work with third party suppliers and business partners


  • Great written & verbal English communication skills
  • Knowledge about retail and eCommerce
  • Knowledge of non-functional requirements, e.g. performance, security
  • Understanding of dependencies across multiple products in a portfolio
  • Understanding of the concepts of Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Understanding of high-level technical architecture and domain model
  • Can analyze the impact of product changes across the business
  • Can build market knowledge and assess new product opportunities
  • Understanding of a typical Software Development Lifecycle for a software product
  • Understanding of the concepts of user stories, personas and acceptance test criteria
  • Understanding of the concepts of Cost of Delay, Design Thinking, MVP
  • Understanding of Agile methodology
  • Can capture requirements from customers
  • Can break down complex Epic into smaller, deliverable chunks
  • Can build and maintain a product backlog, including features, bug-fixes
  • Can document and explain new requirements to engineering teams
  • Can improve defined KPIs by defining hypotheses, driving experiments
  • Can formulate & present the strategy and long-term roadmap of a product
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Great presentation skills
  • Good listening skills
  • Great coaching skills
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