15 March 2016 / Krzysztof Romanowski

ScalaSphere 2016 – few impressions from tooling developer

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ScalaSphere: conference focused on technical problems and solutions ScalaSphere was one-of-a-kind conference focused on Scala tooling. Those who expected presentations full of theory or maths, might feel disappointed – conference was dedicated purely to Scala tooling. “I’ve never been on such deeply technical conference” was often heard and I agree with those comments. Quo vadis, Scala tooling? […]

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7 July 2015 / Krzysztof Romanowski

Tool-friendly Scala code. What? Why?

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People complain a lot about Scala tooling. People complain a lot about weather. But is Scala tooling like weather? Something you can’t do anything about except from moving to different climate (language)? Luckily no. Scala tooling was created for Java (especially metadata handling that is vital for tools) and usually has only the JVM stack to work with. Tool-friendly code […]

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